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Jun. 23rd, 2012 11:27 am
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This journal is mostly open. So, the juicy secrets will be locked. D: 
Wanna friend? Just comment. You know the drill.

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Can anyone say "Wheee!"?
(Yeah, by now you should see that I post GIFs with my posts. :D)

Went to church bible study tonight with my mom to the adult class; there is no young-adult class; WTF!? So, that's why I'm around 50-70 year old people instead; they're nice so that's good. Though when I made a comment about Spain or something(we were doing history stuff before things, yeah....) and this man jumps at me, telling me all this history info, which was so cool, but as he was right next to me, and he seemed very excited to talk and interrupt the preacher, Buster, that I was like a deer in the headlights! (see example:  ---> O_O ... D: ) He does that often, and it's like a conversing fight or something the two. They debate religion and have coffee at this bank next to the church everyday....Just wish Buster could have talked about his points and not Ace's. XD I'm not really Christian, just searching around, but when Buster talks you get interested as he puts in history points and geography and archeology stuff too. :D I loves me some history! Whoo!

Got Wired and Scientific American mags in the mail today! Now I've got something new to read. For some reason, I cannot focus on books easy like I used to, so magazines it is! I hate that....I love books and I love reading, but not only is it hard to get hooked into a book now, there's SO MUCH SHIT out there now. How many of you have been to the young-adult section of a bookstore? Rows upon rows of black covered books with each others' content just rewritten. HOW MANY TWILIGHT KNOCK-OFFS INVOLVING WITCHES, VAMPIRES, GORE, WEREWOLVES AND FUCKING FALLEN ANGELS DO WE NEED?! Gah! One piece of shit is fine(Twilight, I'm looking at you kid), but fifty thousand books of shit is not. And now they're making fairytales gorey and into movies and bad books; I should know, I like a good fairytale retelling. Not that they weren't gore to begin with, just I don't want to see Bella Swan as Snow White. I'm sorry. That's just wrong. And WHY does there have to be romance for it to be 'good'?

^ That has been my reading rant of the day. I guess I need to start reading books on science or something stable that won't piss me off. XD I now know why I haven't been able to focus: all the books I buy are basically tripe! -_- Gaaah.....Somebody recommend me something good, please?  I know you don't want to hear another reading rant someday.

Now I need to get D&D Online Started. :D



Jun. 23rd, 2012 11:27 pm
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I'm SO glad I gave LJ up. It's depressing and annoying there. -_- I wrote a two-liner entry, and BAM! let the depression party begin! O_O I hate it when that happens.

ANYWAY, I think I might have converted my friend Jaime to DW. [does anyone else think it's cool that Doctor Who and Dreamwidth have the same initials?!] Go me!

You know what's weird? Me watching Junk Gypsies on HGTV, and they're doing a room and I'm like,"o_o OH MAH GEE! THAT'S MY DECORATING STYLE! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? D:" You see, I've been trying to figure out my style for my room for years, and then I see it on HGTV and I freak out and my mom's like,"You used to like things like that.... :D" O_O I must have it back. Trip to Romancing the Stone at birthday time, anyone?! Good thing my birthday is only in two months, huh? :)

And now I must go and download DDO and LOTRO on this computer.... :D *sleeps*



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