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2012-06-23 11:27 am
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Hey, you!

This journal is mostly open. So, the juicy secrets will be locked. D: 
Wanna friend? Just comment. You know the drill.

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2012-06-23 11:27 pm
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I'm SO glad I gave LJ up. It's depressing and annoying there. -_- I wrote a two-liner entry, and BAM! let the depression party begin! O_O I hate it when that happens.

ANYWAY, I think I might have converted my friend Jaime to DW. [does anyone else think it's cool that Doctor Who and Dreamwidth have the same initials?!] Go me!

You know what's weird? Me watching Junk Gypsies on HGTV, and they're doing a room and I'm like,"o_o OH MAH GEE! THAT'S MY DECORATING STYLE! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? D:" You see, I've been trying to figure out my style for my room for years, and then I see it on HGTV and I freak out and my mom's like,"You used to like things like that.... :D" O_O I must have it back. Trip to Romancing the Stone at birthday time, anyone?! Good thing my birthday is only in two months, huh? :)

And now I must go and download DDO and LOTRO on this computer.... :D *sleeps*